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"A collection of digital breadcrumbs from me to you.”

You know, I used to update this website to let people know what I was up to. I think now it's just simpler to Google me.

My last web host that I had been with for about 6 years (Apollo Hosting) totally screwed up my hosting account. They had mucked up email as well so I was glad to go. I am now using a new hosting company. You will notice there are sections from the original website missing (i.e. the infamous card trick) and other personal websites ( and They will all come online eventually.

So, what can you do for now?
(A) You can email me (Paul Dybala).
(B) You can find out if Andrew likes to eat worms.
(C) You can login to email powered by Google.
(D) Access Docs
(E) Take some time to sing the ABCs.
(F) Learn how to effectively deal with phone solicitors.
(F) Learn to sing the national anthem.